Microsoft rolls out exclusive Windows 8 design for

We have just stumbled upon a new design on while on Windows 8 and it sure does look nice. Microsoft created a clean and consistent look for Windows 8 users who love to browse The new design uses the common design language that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 uses.

“Because Internet Explorer 10 was designed to take advantage of the system architecture of Windows 8, rendering complex page layouts and high resolution images is faster and more fluid … The pages render twice as fast as the classic MSN web experience. You can use the Snap feature to snap a given page to the side of screen – say your favorite stock- while you engage in another program or page,” Microsoft originally stated when this concept was first revealed. Navigating through this new design is pretty sleek and features quite a bit of CSS3 effects. This design is now live, just a few days ahead of Windows 8’s official launch on October 26. Head over to via Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 to see the new site.

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