Microsoft rolls out Bing Video update, now easier to search and explore videos

Microsoft has begun to roll out a new update to its Bing Video service. The update makes it easier to search, scan, explore, and discover videos and will be available in all countries that support Bing Video.

The search results page of Bing Video now features a new video strip as well as a larger video preview and the ability to explore through more videos than before. Microsoft has also implemented an infinite scroll feature that allows you to see more information without having to click so much. “Infinite Scroll gives you a quick and easy way to view virtually unlimited videos by simply scrolling down the page,” Microsoft points out. The company has also added a related searches tab on top of search results to help users quickly find related video content. And finally, Microsoft has added a video filmstrip that lets users see similar videos in an easy-to-find strip at the top of the screen. Microsoft is planning on revealing more new features in the coming months.

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