Microsoft rolls out another Surface RT vs iPad commercial comparing the two products

Windows 8

Microsoft has been pushing its Surface RT tablet, powered by Windows RT, as a serious competitor to Apple's popular iPad. In a new video published today to the official Microsoft Windows YouTube channel, Microsoft showcases how a the Surface RT trumps the iPad by comparison. Well, watch the video and you be the judge.

In the video, Microsoft highlights how the Surface RT tablet has a bigger screen, has an integrated kickstand and the option for a keyboard, comes with Microsoft Office, and more. Microsoft also points out in the video that the Surface RT is 1.5lbs compared to the iPad's 1.44lbs and that both devices are equal in width. A little interesting here since Microsoft is trying to make the commercial seem as impartial and unbiased as possible.

We've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at it and let us know in the comments below if it convinces you to ditch your iPad for a Surface RT.

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