Microsoft reveals release date of new default theme for Office apps in Microsoft 365

Devesh Beri

The upcoming changes to the default theme of Microsoft Office in Microsoft 365 will go live in September. As we reported last month, the forthcoming default theme will incorporate a new font called Aptos, a refreshed color palette, and updated default line weights. This adjustment aims to enhance the visual aspect of documents and presentations created using Microsoft 365 apps.

The Aptos font will replace the long-standing Calibri font in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel applications, which has been the default font for 15 years—the end of an era.

Two significant changes to the color palette involve:

  • Removing the color yellow and replacing it with dark green. 
  • A lighter blue color is also being swapped with a dark teal color. 

These adjustments are aimed at enhancing the contrast between shapes and lines in Office documents.

The default styles in applications like Word and Outlook are also undergoing a refresh to improve readability, professionalism, and ease of navigation.

The availability of the new theme will span various platforms, including Mac, Desktop, Web, iOS, and Android, ensuring a consistent experience across devices. Microsoft has outlined a phased release approach, including the Current Channel, Preview, and General Availability stages.

via TheVerge