Microsoft Reveals New Windows 8 Start Menu and Start Screen?

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with a ton of revelations about its upcoming operating system, Windows 8. This time, in a video posted by Microsoft, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be a new start menu, a gadget, and a new start screen.

As Within Windows reports, during a video demonstration of Windows 8’s new native ISO and VHD mounting support, we are able to see what appears to be a new start menu, a gadget that contains the time, date, and power icons, as well as a new start screen.

As far as the start menu goes, we are not sure if it is something one can customize or if this is the standard start menu. The smart menu contains ‘Settings’, ‘Devices’, ‘Share’, and ‘Search’ and is described as a “flat Start Menu featuring expected monochromatic Metro-infused icons. The simplification of this area reinforces the notion that the Windows Desktop is secondary subsystem within the new Start Screen UI,” Within Windows states.

Another item seen on the video that caught everyone’s attention is the block that contains the time, date, and power icons. Many believe this is a gadget of some sort. It could be a part of the tablet/touchscreen UI. As described by Within Windows, this item is an “odd block floating on the desktop, likely to be that of a Windows Gadget or a detached chunk of Start Screen, featuring the time, date, network connectivity state and power levels.”

Now this one caught everyone’s eye. It appeared towards the end of the ISO/VHD demonstration and seems to be some sort of new start screen. It reminds us of Windows Phone 7 and features small squares with live tiles.

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