Microsoft reveals the new Skype experience on Xbox One


Skype on Xbox One - 2

While we’re getting near the official release if the Xbox One, on November 22, leaks and other information are continuously reaching the tech blog’s shores. Microsoft’s idea is to make the Xbox One your main home entertainment system, allowing you to play games, watch from online-streaming services, and chat with your friends via Skype, making it the perfect Microsoft ecosystem if you own a Windows Phone, and Windows tablet, and a Windows PC.

The Skype team wrote a blog two days ago, explaining the 5 features that are exclusive to the Xbox One.

Number 5 is the notifications. Just like in Windows 8, a notification appears from Skype when someone calls you or sends you a message. If you’re playing a game, or watching a show, or doing practically anything you can do on the Xbox One, you will get a notification, like the one in the picture below. In case you’re wondering, Skype won’t exit the game, you will be able to chat on the side, with having the Skype app snapped on the side.

Number 4 is the Wide View Camera with Auto Zoom and Pan. The Kinect was a revolutionary device when it was first introduced, and with the Xbox One, Microsoft has made it even better. Instead of all your family or friends crowding towards a camera, the Xbox One makes it easier with its wide view camera, therefore allowing your recipient on the other end to see all of you. Also, with Kinect’s capabilities, Skype will automatically zoom and pan towards the user, therefore making it easier if you’re constantly moving around in your living room.

Number 3 is the option to snap apps. I touched upon this topic already previously. Anyways, the idea of the Xbox One is to become your home entertainment system, right? Well Microsoft is making multitasking one of the most important features of the Xbox One, and we’ve already seen them in their Xbox One ads. Instead of opening a Skype window on your Xbox One, the window will be snapped to the side, just like in Windows 8. With this feature, users can perform several tasks at once, be it watching live TV, or checking live sport scores, or even playing a game.

Number 2 is the video quality. This isn’t a big topic to talk about, but with Kinect’s 1080p camera, it records your video call in full HD resolution, making the video and audio crystal clear. However, you will probably need a fast connection to achieve actual 1080p results, but that isn’t Microsoft’s fault, so it’s all good.

The final feature that the Skype team is excited for is the free group video calling feature, with users also getting free 100 worldwide Skype minutes. This is available for each and every Xbox One user who has Xbox Live Gold membership for 6 months only, and it will allow you to call over 50 countries worldwide with your 100 worldwide Skype minutes.

“With Xbox One, we’re making big strides toward reaching our vision of making the living room even more of what it has been – a place for people to connect. This is just the beginning for Skype for Xbox One. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and look forward to delivering more exciting improvements,” explains the Skype team.

Don’t forget to pre-order your console, or might as well say, your home entertainment system fast before pre-orders get sold out. With the countless opportunities you have with the Xbox One, the Skype app will make your experience even better, with having real-time notifications popup, the camera focusing on you when moving, the ability to chat with your friends and family while doing something else, with 1080p support, and finally, free 100 worldwide Skype minutes for 6 months when you get the Xbox Live Gold membership.

Did you pre-order your console? What Skype feature are you most excited about?