Microsoft reveals msnNOW, shows you hot trends in real time

Microsoft has just launched a new service called msnNOW, which is a new way to track what's trending on the internet in real-time based on a combination of social signals, algorithms, and editorial insights.

Microsoft reveals msnNOW, shows you hot trends in real time - - February 16, 2012

"msnNOW is really about keeping consumers in the know about the hottest topics on the Web. We’re using technology we built that analyzes all the social signals from Twitter, Facebook and the Web as well as search signals that come from Bing," Microsoft states in an official press release.

Using an in-house tool called Demand Dashboard, Microsoft is able to analyze search engine signals as well as pull out trends from social media sites in real time. This real-time information ultimately allows editors to catch trends as they emerge.

"msnNOW is the only place that looks at the hottest trends from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and We give you the inside scoop so you always know about what's trending, if it's true, and why you should care. And we're constantly checking the latest buzz, so just look for links with the gray speech bubble on to make msnNOW part of your daily routine," msnNOW states on its welcome page.

Check out msnNOW by visiting

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