Microsoft Responds to Windows Phone Retail Issues

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In a recent interview, Microsoft Windows Phone Product Manager Greg Sullivan admitted that the company still has to put together pieces of its retail strategy in order to dominate the mobile market. Microsoft may be in the long haul, but still needs work.

In the interview, Windows Phone Product Manager Greg Sullivan acknowledges that Microsoft still needs to improve its retail strategy. In fact, part of that strategy includes educating sales staff about the Windows Phone product.

"It's true that there's work to do from a marketing standpoint, and we have teams in place that are doing retail salesperson training, providing them with evaluation devices so they can use it and become more familiar. There's a whole host of efforts that are being undertaken to help get the work out, and it does take a little time," Sullivan said.

When asked about Nokia's partnership with Microsoft and how that will affect the company's strategy, Sullivan stated that the relationship would bring a boost to sales. "One of the things the Nokia relationship will bring is an incredible reach at retail," Sullivan said.

According to Microsoft, Windows Phone has been selling nicely and the company doesn't see it otherwise. "When we look at the trajectory and run rate, the acceleration of the platform, we're very pleased," Sullivan said.

Microsoft still plans on releasing a new Windows Phone every three months. But dont expect to see anything new until after the Mango update hits handsets this fall.

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