Microsoft Research to present at MobileSys 2015


As time goes by, and our mobile devices continue to more firmly cement themselves both in our consciousness and lives, what we expect of these tiny machines increases with every passing month.

Years ago, internet access, in addition to calls and texts, was something to brag about. Now, our devices have processing power that rivals machines from only few years ago, and the likes of Microsoft Research are working hard to use that mostly untapped potential.

Now, as shown on TechNet, Microsoft Research is to take several of its findings and projects to show to the world, presenting at MobileSYS 2015.

One of the major issues that will be dealt with is the ever growing concern over battery life. Given that the technology behind batteries hasn’t advanced a great deal since the 1970s, it therefore falls to software optimizations and hardware power-efficiency tweaks in order to improve things.

Microsoft Research’s effort concerns the use of WiFi by phone radios. Using WiFi Display (Miracast), the team has been working hard to reduce the amount of energy used on devices, the implications of which could be quite far reaching. To read the full-white paper, head here.

What is your favorite Microsoft Research Windows Phone project?

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