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Microsoft Research is looking into 3D recognition for Windows Phone

Microsoft Research is looking into 3D recognition for Windows Phone

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction — it’s a concept that Ripley’s built an empire on, but these days it is mostly relegated to the tech world. That’s where some of the biggest companies are conducting cutting-edge research into what may arrive in your home in the future.

Microsoft is no stranger to this, as its labs have previously shown off all sorts of technology, some of which we may never see for real. The latest is 3D scanning for Windows Phone. “3D scanning on portable device is a technology that empowers people [to] turn physical objects into high-quality 3D models with the normal RGB camera capturing on mobile devices and support for 3D printing. The Skynet UI design aims to enhance user experience to lower the barriers between common consumers and 3D reconstruction”, the company states in a new announcement.

This no small challenge, as capturing the full surface of any object is akin to a panorama, only much more difficult, thanks to spatial issues. It’s also not something you can likely expect in the next big Windows Phone update, as it’s far from being ready for primetime. However, the company claims that “in the end the capture result could generate 3D models to support scenarios like AR furniture & space arrangement, e-commerce visualization, object recognition & search, etc”. As for the choice of the Skynet name, well, we’ll leave that one alone.

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