Microsoft reportedly slashing Windows RT tablet prices amidst weak sales

Windows RT device

Microsoft is reportedly looking to slash Windows RT prices for manufacturers in an attempt to offer cheaper Windows RT-based tablet devices. Microsoft is using this tactic to try and get more manufacturers to produce Windows RT tablets, which obviously and ultimately benefits the software giant.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is "struggling" to sell Windows RT devices, a year after it was first introduced as an attempt to fight off Apple and Google. "You need more breadth of equipment manufacturers making the devices, you need lower prices, you need a better selection of devices," analyst Wes Miller stated.

Perhaps adding an Outlook app to Windows RT will make a difference, perhaps it will not, but one thing is for certain. Microsoft needs to come up with a new strategy soon and fast in order to keep Windows RT alive. This plan to drop prices to offer cheaper RT-based tablets is a step in the right direction. Microsoft may use the upcoming Computex conference in Taipei as a means to boost hype for the Windows RT product. That conference begins June 3rd.

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