Microsoft reportedly returning to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas for 2014

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas

Microsoft is reportedly set to return to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 2014 show. Microsoft originally ended its CES run at the CES 2012 event when the company realized the show didn’t align with Microsoft’s product release/news milestones.

This news comes from the president of the Consumer Electronics Association, Gary Shapiro, who had mentioned to the BBC that Microsoft was indeed returning to CES in 2014. “They are taking out significant space in meeting rooms – it’s actually a larger presence than I believe they have ever had,” Shapiro stated.

“Microsoft will have to make the decision who the rooms are open to or not, but I imagine they’re very open to the press.  We have had a tremendous partnership [with Microsoft] going back to the very beginning. You know, we had one little blip this year… but now we’re happy to have them back with a physical presence,” Shapiro explained.

Microsoft’s last keynote was at the CES 2012 event and the company’s CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance during Qualcomm’s keynote at the CES 2013 event.

While Microsoft has yet to officially confirm its return to CES, one can only ponder what the devices and services giant will have in store for us in 2014. Providing that this report is indeed accurate. Stay tuned!

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