Microsoft reportedly miscalculated the screen size in Windows 8 vs iPad comparison

Windows RT vs iPad

Recently, Microsoft revealed a new video advertisement comparing Apple’s popular iPad with Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. This is the second video Microsoft has released that mimic’s Apple’s iPad commercials. However, Microsoft also has a comparison website that showcases the ASUS VivoTab Smart powered by Windows 8 vs the Apple iPad.

However, on the web page, Microsoft makes mention to screen sizes and how the Asus VivoTab Smart has a larger screen due to its diagonal measurement being longer than that of the iPad. The problem is, the image Microsoft used to showcase the Windows 8 tablet being larger is not accurate. “This is not to scale. Microsoft has drawn a 10.1 inch tablet 36% larger than a 9.7 inch tablet (140×78 pixels vs 102×79). This is so far off you can visually see it’s wrong,” the report states.

Windows 8 vs iPad

According to Microsoft, the Asus VivoTab Smart has 35% more screen size compared to the iPad. Well, not according to Elliot Temple who actually popped out a calculator and did the calculations. He found that the iPad has a screen area of 45.16 square inches while the ASUS VivoTab Smart has a screen area of 43.56 square inches. In other words, the screen size on the Asus VivoTab Smart is smaller than the iPad’s screen size, not larger as Microsoft pointed out.

Microsoft has apparently received word of this and has edited their page since. The description at the bottom of the comparison page formerly stated “The ASUS VivoTab Smart is lighter than the iPad, has a bigger touchscreen…” now it states “The ASUS VivoTab Smart is lighter than the iPad, has more ports, works with more printers, lets you see two apps at once, and runs Microsoft Office and other desktop programs.”

You can check out the comparison page here.

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