Microsoft reportedly laying off thousands of employees this week

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Microsoft reportedly laying off several of its employees this week

For the last few months, we have been hearing about possible job cuts within Microsoft. Fueling those rumors is a new report that claims that these will be the biggest layoffs at Microsoft in the last five years. The software company, which recently bought Nokia’s handset unit and became the workplace for 30,000 Nokia employees, now has over 127,000 employees as of June 5.

The report also claims – as we have been hearing for some time – that the job cut will affect the Nokia division and other businesses that circle around this area. The laying off is expected to happen sometime this week. Sources told Bloomberg that the job cut would surpass the 2009 laying offs when company dropped over 5,800 employees.

Over the last few years, the company has had to let go of many of its employees. These people included staff from advertising sales and marketing, and other areas. This time around, sources suggest that the layoff will affect the Xbox team as well.

The layoffs would happen one week after CEO Satya Nadella sent out an email to all the employees, in which he hinted at several internal changes in the coming weeks. After signing Nokia’s acquisition deal last year, Microsoft pledged $600 million in annual cost savings after 18 months of the completion of the acquisition.

In an interview last week, Satya Nadella also hinted that developers alone could be able to fix bugs instead of relying on a team of testers. 

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