Microsoft reportedly laying off 1,000 Nokia employees in Finland

Email Twitter: @HammadSalim Jul 16th, 2014 inNews


Avoiding layoffs is something which is not possible whenever two firms merge, and a similar thing is expected to happen with the latest Nokia-Microsoft merger. We’ve seen several reports mentioning that Microsoft is planning to layoff thousands of workers, a figure that exceeds the number of workers laid off in 2009.

The company took in 4,700 Nokia employees in Finland, but according to a new report from Finnish shores, Microsoft will lay off 1,000 Nokia employees in the region. It’s not just the layoffs, Microsoft will also reportedly shut down Nokia’s Oulu R&D labs in the north of the country, a place where the software for feature phones is developed. The facility has 500 employees.

Microsoft declined to comment on the report, but too many hints have been dropped about the layoff in the past few days. Recently, Nadella stated that Microsoft needed to change the company’s culture, and employees should “embrace things boldly”.

There’s no official word coming out from Redmond at the moment, but many reputed publications, citing their sources, indicate the layoffs are imminent. Let’s see how many will come under the axe.

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