Microsoft reportedly disappointed with Windows 8 PC sales, are manufacturers to blame?

As we all know, Windows 8 was officially launched on October 26th. No one really knows how the operating system has been doing in terms of sales as Microsoft has kept quiet about it, aside from mentioning that 4 million upgrade licenses were sold within a few days. Now a new report sheds light and mentions how Microsoft is disappointed with Windows 8 PC sales. So who is to blame?

According to the report, Microsoft is blaming the slow sales of Windows 8 to “lackluster PC maker designs and availability.” Microsoft is apparently disappointed with Windows 8 PC sales because sales are “well below Microsoft’s internal projections.” This report also mentions how Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft at an interesting time, raising questions about what really went on inside Microsoft’s Windows division. However, the main reason for the disappointed sales has to do with PC makers “inability to deliver”, according to the report. Microsoft has yet to release any official facts about the sales of Windows 8 but all we can really do right now is assume or rely on “internal sources.” Head over to the source link for a good read and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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