Microsoft reportedly announcing Lumia 650 pricing and availability on February 1st

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The rumor mill is running hot once again, as word about the Lumia 650 continues to be the talk of the town among Microsoft fans. This time, Windows Central confirms through “multiple sources” that the Lumia 650 is going to get an official announcement from Microsoft on February 1st by way of an official blog post. The blog post is supposedly going to be detailing availability and pricing though we may see other details as well – including tech specifications.

Some of the tech specifications have already been leaked though none of them have been confirmed. At the moment, this is a decent idea of what we can expect from the device upon its announcement:

  • 1280 x 720 LCD screen
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 8MP rear camera
  • Snapdragon 210 processor

There’s some confusion about whether or not the Lumia 650 is going to be coming with wireless charging capabilities, with conflicting reports coming in on the subject. It seems like we’ll just have to wait until the official announcement to see whether or not that ends up being the case. Another rumor claims the Lumia 650 is the last Lumia device, but this remains to be seen.

Lumia 650 Prototype Device

People have been speculating about the 650 quite fervently for a while now and images of a 650 prototype codenamed Saana surfaced online not too long ago (see picture above). If these sources are right, and a post about the 650 really is coming early this February, then Microsoft fans ought to be breathing a collective sigh of relief as the rumors can finally be put to rest by some official word from Microsoft.

But now the bigger question is… would you buy the Lumia 650?

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