Microsoft Remote Desktop on Android gets new features in latest update

Kevin Okemwa

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Microsoft Remote Desktop app

Microsoft Remote Desktop on Android just received a new update, and with it comes new features. AVD workspace subscription is set to get additional support thanks to the new update, thus, allowing users to have more than one identity but under the same URL.

The version of the application also has enhanced its support for ScrLock keys as well as NumLock on keyboards. It also comes with a new in-session UI, which allows users to maneuver between remote devices and applications.

Notable feature enhancements on Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Better audio and video streaming experience.
  • Supported multi-touch experience that complements Windows gestures.
  • Enhanced and secure connection to your information and software.
  • Users can now manage their connections and user accounts from the Connection Center.
  • Devices running on Windows Professional, Enterprise, or Server can be accessed remotely.
  • One can alter the language support for external keyboards.
  • Ability to redirect the clipboard and local storage.
  • Users also have access to managed resources published through the admin.Connect using a Remote Desktop Gateway.

Which features are you excited to see come to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop on Android? Download it via the link below, and share your experience with us in the comments.

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