Microsoft reminds users about the end of support for Office 2003

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Microsoft reminds users about the end of support for Office 2003

There’s an important deadline coming up. April 8 marks the end of support for Windows XP — this is something that has been well and truly drummed into us by now — but the same date also marks the end of support for Office 2003. This version of the office suite is also more than a decade old and, with just two weeks to go, Microsoft is reminding users that now is the time to upgrade.

Any piece of software remaining in use for more than ten years is impressive, but the time comes when retirement is due. Not long after the turn of the century, Office 2003 was something of a milestone: it saw the introduction of OneNote for instance. But times change and technology moves on.

Microsoft is keen to push users of the aging software into upgrading to Office 365, and to help with the deadline reminder, the Office Blog not only aims to encourage people to do just this, but also takes a look back over the last decade with a tongue-in-cheek cartoon.

The blog post points out that when Office 2003 was new, we lived in a very different world — DVD rental stores were still very common, for instance, and this was a time when social networks like Facebook and Twitter were still to be born!

As Microsoft says: “It is time to say farewell to Office 2003 and embrace the productivity solution of today – Office 365”.

Have you stuck doggedly to using Office 2003 for all these years? Are you going to be upgrading before the deadline passes, or have you already done so?

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