Microsoft reminds students that they keep improving Office Online

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Microsoft reminds students they keep improving PowerPoint Online

Students looking for a free solution for presentations should look no further than Office Online. PowerPoint Online has most of the core features of PowerPoint on the desktop. The service is free and always being updated; check it out at

Office Online is Microsoft's cloud arm of their widely popular Office productivity suite. The online versions are not as fully featured as their desktop counterparts, but that may not matter for most users. Online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are free with an email. In addition to these free webapps, Microsoft gives 30GB of online storage with OneDrive.

In addition to document creation and editing, Office Online enables simultaneous collaboration. Similar to Google Docs, Office Online documents can be shared and edited for group projects. Although, where Google Docs falls short, Office Online documents can be opened with their desktop counterparts with full fidelity of the document maintained.

Microsoft keeps updating Office Online to bring more features online. Some features are unique to the Online version such as the ability to search for tools such as underline, or indent. Recently Microsoft has mentioned how they are improving their spell check function. This is a good example of how the online versions of Office can move faster and stay relevant faster than the desktop programs. Either way, Office Online offers a great solution for free, online document authoring and editing.

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