Microsoft reminds small businesses that Windows 8 Pro offers better performance

With the holidays among us, Microsoft is reminding all small businesses that Windows 8 Pro is the right operating system for them. Microsoft mentioned in a new blog post how Windows 8 not only offers better performance, but also improved productivity and better security.

“This holiday we wanted to make sure that small businesses are aware of some of the features in Windows 8 Pro that can help them stay up to speed with work, while also giving them time to enjoy some well-deserved R&R,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Windows 8 Pro offers improved productivity with the new Start Screen. “Features in Windows 8 Pro such as the new Start screen is built of tiles that allow small businesses to put all the things they rely on and care about most, such as their most-used business apps or possibly their holiday shopping list, right in front of them,” Microsoft adds. Microsoft also states that Windows 8 Pro offers the best security around with BitLocker and Trusted Boot, so small businesses can know they are protected. On the mobile productivity front, Windows 8 Pro offers built-in mobile broadband support and Remote Desktop. Microsoft also reiterates that Windows 8 Pro offers better performance so small businesses can get things done faster.

Windows 8 has been out in the market since October 26th, so there is nothing new with whats been mentioned above. Microsoft is simply reminding small businesses that Windows 8 Pro is the way to go. Have you made the move to Windows 8 Pro in your small business?

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