Microsoft Releasing Windows Phone 7 Mango on Sept 1st?

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The much anticipated Mango update to the Windows Phone 7 operating system was recently released to manufacturing, but many WP7 users are wondering when they will be able to snag this update that promises over 100 new features. A new report suggests a release date of September 1st.

According to Pocketlint, Microsoft will be rolling out the mango update to Windows Phone 7 users beginning on September 1st. According to multiple sources at Pocketlint, this new update will be released next month, and subsequently available to developers over the summer, and new handsets.

Microsoft had originally stated that Mango would be released during the Fall of this year (which is towards the end of September), but this new expedited release has something to do with IFA, which is Europe’s largest consumer electronics show. Apparently, Microsoft wants manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, ZTE, and LG to show off new handsets with Mango pre-installed.

We will have to just wait and see if this is true. Having Mango out in time for a large consumer electronics show makes sense.

With the recent release to manufacturing of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Microsoft has begun to show off its features. Recently in an official blog post, the company showcased the new voice-to-text capabilities that will be available in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango that is sure to be a game changer.

*Update* According to Microsoft, this is just a rumor. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Director of Windows Phone Program Management, stated via a twitter post that this was only a rumor. But he never confirmed nor denied the rumor.

Microsoft Releasing Windows Phone 7 Mango on Sept 1st? - - August 11, 2011

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