Microsoft announces new Windows 10 specific PC accessories

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Image Credit: Microsoft

With Windows 10 now out on the market, Microsoft is continuing its trend of designing OS specific peripherals by introducing several new devices designed to take advantage of Windows 10 features.

First up are two very pocket-friendly devices, the Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 and Wireless Desktop 900 combo. The Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 priced at $29.95 (US) features new Bluetooth®1 4.0 SMART technology and Windows 10 compatibility as well as a four-way scroll wheel. The Wireless Desktop 900 is an affordable $49.95 (US) combo that includes an Advance Encryption Standards (AES) that encrypts keystrokes. Microsoft also notes that both the mouse and keyboard have an average battery life of 2-years, for power users, results may vary.

Next up, Microsoft is diving even deeper into Windows 10 related features by offering the $79.95 (US) Sculpt Comfort Desktop combo. Beyond its ergonomic design, the Sculpt Comfort Desktop includes Windows 10 integration. According to Microsoft, “The keyboard hotkeys are optimized for Windows 10 to enable fast, easy navigation. Located on the side of the mouse, the customizable Windows touch tab provides easy access to the Start Menu, Cortana (availability may vary), OneNote, Task View or virtual desktops.”

For users who have grown accustomed to specific layouts and designs, Microsoft is also updating its current lineup of keyboard mouse combos with AES and other Windows 10 specific features. Wireless Desktop 800 (now 850), Wireless Desktop 3000 (now 3050), and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 (now 5050) are now receiving spec bumps that take advantage of Windows 10 features.

The new Windows 10 enabled peripherals will be rolling out online and to local Microsoft Stores in the coming months.

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