Microsoft releases Xbox One SmartGlass Beta, Digital TV Tuner and OneGuide support in Australia

Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Jan 30th, 2015 inNews

Microsoft released a new update for their new Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app for Windows Phone. The update includes support for OneGuide and the Digital TV Tuner for Australia. Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app looks to be a research project by Microsoft on its way to creating a universal Xbox app for Windows 10.  

There are a few small updates to the app that correspond to the release of OneGuide that was recently released in Australia and the Netherlands, as well as the option to stream live TV from an Xbox One Digital TV Tuner if you are in Australia. Netherlands will get the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner accessibility with the Xbox One February update. 

The Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app, there is also an unspecified “bugs” update for any issues that one might encounter when using the app. At Microsoft’s January 21st event, Microsoft confirmed that they are getting rid of the SmartGlass app in favor of a universal Xbox app. So if you haven’t already, download the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app in the link below and let us know what you think in the comments section. 

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