Microsoft releases Windows Server vNext preview build 18945 and Windows 10 SDK build 18945

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Following the release of Windows 10 Insider build 18945 last week, Microsoft is making available a Windows Server vNext build today, as well as a new preview build of the Windows 10 SDK. For Windows Server Insider, the preview build 18945 of the server OS introduces the ability to authenticate to hybrid environments using FIDO2 security keys.

For app developers, Windows 10 SDK preview build 18945 brings the ability to sign apps with Device Guard Signing, a feature available in Microsoft Store for Business and Education. There are also many API changes in this release, and we invite you to check the full lit of changes on the blog post.

As usual, the new Windows Server build can be downloaded from the Windows Server Insider Preview download page. If you’re looking for the latest Windows 10 SDK, you can get it from the developer section of Microsoft’s Windows Insider website.

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