Microsoft releases Windows Community Toolkit version 4.0 -
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Microsoft releases Windows Community Toolkit version 4.0

Microsoft's Windows Community Toolkit has reached version 4.0 and with that update comes a handful of new additions and improvements.

Microsoft announced today that users of the Windows Community Toolkit v4.0 should look forward to:

  • New DataGrid with fluent design for all UWP developers
  • Two new Microsoft Graph controls. PowerBIEmbedded enables embedding PowerBI dashboards in your UWP apps and PlannerTasksList allows users to work with Microsoft Planner tasks
  • The Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Translator services have moved to the .NET Standard services package and available to even more developers, including desktop and Xamarin developers
  • Strong-named packages for those developers that require strong-named assemblies
  • Dark theme support for the sample app and theme chooser for each sample

For the extensive breakdown and visuals of the new update, users can either install the new update or visit Microsoft's Windows Developer Blog or its GitHub repository here.

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