Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 business guide, available for download

Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 business guide

After what could be considered a less-than-stellar run with Windows 8, Microsoft is anxious to alter a seemingly damaged perception of its flagship product. In an effort to do so, the company rushed to complete, and release, the 8.1 update. The software giant has made some considerable alterations with the updated operating system, hoping to change public view and perhaps get enterprise onboard the ship.

Microsoft has been pulling out all the stops, running almost non-stop ads, practically owning Sunday afternoon TV in the US — a viewer-heavy time during football season. To help in its efforts with enterprise, Microsoft is releasing a guide to aid IT departments. The PDF file is a free download, offering to cover all of the basics of this new platform. It includes, not just desktop, but additional devices as well.

“Windows 8.1 brings together devices, apps and services so that they work intelligently and are a beautiful fit for the way your live and work. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your favorite apps, sites, and more, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing. Whether you’re collaborating on a large project, preparing for an upcoming conference, or traveling for work, you can use touch, mouse, and keyboard together — seamlessly — to do what you want, the way you want. This quick guide will show you how to get around, navigate, manage apps, work on desktop, and personalize your Windows 8.1,” the release notes state.

Microsoft’s Rob Margel points out that “personally I would say this guide is useful to anyone interested in Windows 8.1 not just businesses.” The 2.5 MB file can be downloaded by any customer simply by visiting the Download Center. The real question is, will the new Windows 8.1 OS, along with the advertising blitz and pleas to business customers for adoption help change the direction of this ship?

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