Microsoft releases Windows 8 Bing Maps SDK

Microsoft have today released to the Bing Maps SDK, allowing developers to start implementing map support into their apps. This SDK has been released just in time for developers to get their apps submitted into the Windows Store before Windows 8 launches on the 26th.

The SDK will allow developers to implement Bing Maps support, opening up the app store to a whole new iteration of app types. The SDK has been released in two versions, one for JavaScript developers and another for C++, C# and Visual Basic developers.

Developers who have been using older versions of the SDK will need to update, rebuild and resubmit their apps to the Windows Store for inspection before getting published.

The new SDK includes “added support for pushpins/polylines/polygons, landmarks, venue maps, traffic and Synth view map style.” You can check out all the details from the source link below!

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