Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17713 -
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Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17713

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17713. As usual, this build is meant to be used with the latest Windows Insider releases and comes with a set of API changes, but not much else has changed aside from bug fixes.

First off, this build includes the same updates for C++/WinRT mentioned in previous releases. It also includes MSIX Support and the same changes to MC.EXE which have been present since build 17682. Known issues are also the same, relating to SDK headers, and WinRT API surface validation.

We invite you to check out Microsoft's blog post for the full list of API changes in this release. We also remind you that this SDK will only work with Insider builds, and you can download this SDK by heading here. Please be aware though, that to assist with script access to the SDK, the ISO can also be found by going here.

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