Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 14267

Arif Bacchus

It has been quite the busy day in regards to the Windows 10 Insider program. Along with Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 14267, and Windows 10 build 14721, Microsoft has just released a new Window 10 SDK Preview Build.

The Preview Build 14267 SDK is pre-release and should not be used in a production environment, and should only be installed on a test machine. API’s and software in the build are also preview-only, and may or may not be final or included in the final commercial version.

Here is what’s new in the build since Windows SDK 104486:


– Enables hardware vendors to create runtime class libraries that provide rich access to their game controllers’ functionality.



– MinBlend looks at source and destination pixel and chooses the minimum of the two.

– The 3×2 transform added to CompositionSurfaceBrush enables a transform to be applied to a brush before it is used to paint the visual.



– Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient API now allows you to explicitly turn off reading HTTP responses from cache and ensure that your request goes on the network.


– Debugging tools for Windows (Windbg, kd, cdb, ntsd) now have improved support for universal app debugging. This update also requires the Universal C Runtime Library (uCRT), which is available via Windows Update. KB and MSDN documentation will be available within a few weeks.

As is usual, there are also a few known issues with the build:


– There is no Windows 10 Mobile Emulator available for Preview SDK Build 14267.


Installation Errors

– This SDK should not be installed on any production level operating systems.  Installing on a production level OS may result in a failure to install the SDK.


Cannot submit apps to the store

– This SDK will update your SDK tools and Windows App Certification Kit required for creating apps.  Apps built with these tools will be prevented from submitting to the store.  To restore your machine, you will need to uninstall all previous Windows SDKs and need to repair your Visual Studio installation.


– If the SDK fails to install and presents the following error, “Windows Phone IP over USB Transport (IpOverUsbSvc)’ (IpOverUsbSvc) failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.”  Then make sure you are installing the SDK on a build of Windows 10 build 14267 or greater and that machine is configured to be a Windows Insider.

If you are working on an app that you need to submit to the store, you should not install this preview. If not, you can download the SDK from the developer section on Windows Insider. Again, this is a pre-release of the Windows 10 SDK and it is not final.