Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2012 Update 5, get your update now!

Over the years, Microsoft has developed a reputation for its long-standing support for much of its software and services. Even as the company introduces new technologies, it typically supports older or legacy products for some time.
Last month, Microsoft launched Visual Studios 2015 and encouraged developers to grab the new download either through or MSDN subscriber downloads. Visual Studio 2015 brings improvements in C++, productivity enhancements Node.js Tools for Visual Studios and host of other recent technologies. A few days ago, Microsoft also pushed out an update to its older product, Visual Studio 2012. The recent update found on the Microsoft servers is listed as Update 5 for Visual Studio 2012. Based on its details page, the update is mainly a bugfix release for Team Project Rename with support for Local Workspace features.
The lack of ‘new features’ is not all that surprising as Microsoft indicated that Update 4 for Visual Studio 2012 would be the last patch the tool set would receive.
With Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 simultaneously receiving engineering attention, it would be safe to assume that Update 5 may be among the last updates the four-year-old development tools will gain.

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