Microsoft releases update to its Windows Device Recovery tool -
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Microsoft releases update to its Windows Device Recovery tool

As many Windows Insiders eagerly wait for the next Windows 10 mobile build, Microsoft has been busy making improvements to its Windows Phones recovery tool. This tool has become rather important of late for insiders. With Microsoft’s release of Windows 10 mobile build 10572, members of the fast ring were required to roll their devices back to Windows 8.1 before getting a chance to preview changes in the newest build.
The recover tool is not just for insiders, however. This tool can be used to reset and/or recover a Windows phone by reinstalling a factory image of Windows 7, 8.1, and even Windows 10 for soon-to-be released devices. Although recovering a device may not be a popular procedure it can come in handy if your device is not working as smoothly as you would like. So what is new with this update?
The tool is now set at version 3.0.2.  In the version 3.0.1 update, about a month ago, the name was changed along with some improvements to the help and keyboard accessibility features, and this latest update looks to be a minor update offering only bug fixes.
As a Windows insider myself, I have been using the recovery tool quite a bit these last few weeks and it is good to see tweaks and improvements. Have you found yourself using this tool more often recently? Let us know in the comments below.
You can learn more about the Windows Device Recovery tool from Microsoft.

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