Microsoft releases the Holograms app for Windows Mixed Reality in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Jack Wilkinson

Holograms app Windows 10 Windows Mixed Reality

Holograms, previously a placeholder app, is now a real app. The app allows those on the Windows 10 Creators Update using Windows Mixed Reality to place holograms over the mixed reality environment.

As an example, it would be possible to place a holographic dog in your home.


  • Select holograms from an exciting gallery, including characters, animals, and funky furniture.
  • Place, move, resize, and rotate holograms in your space.
  • Use the holographic label maker to add text to your space.
  • Use voice commands to manipulate your holograms.
  • Look for animated holograms that move and make noises when you hit play.

Here are some images of the app:

The app is available from the Windows Store.

Price: Free