Microsoft releases source code for Windows 3.0 File Manager, and it still works great on Windows 10

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The release of the Spring Creators Update may be coming up soon, but if you’re up for some Windows nostalgia while waiting, you can now download the Windows 3.0 File Manager on your Windows 10 PC. Long-time Microsoft employee Craig Wittenberg has recently published the source code on GitHub, which was originally copied from Windows NT back in 2007.

As you can see below, the Windows 3.0 File Manager is fully functional on Windows 10 and is a real throwback to the early 1990’s when copying, moving, deleting, and searching for files became easier in Windows thanks to this core app. It all works via the MDI interface, which allowed users to see more than one folder in one window.

The File Manager is not only a throwback but a true proof of how backward compatible windows can be despite the test of time. Feel free to download it now for your own throwback to classic computing, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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