Microsoft releases Social News Beta app so you can find or share stories with your friends

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Microsoft releases Social News Beta to share your stories with your friends and more

Microsoft released a new app to their Windows Phone Store dubbed Social News. Social News is designed to allow users to share local events with people around them as well as post their own stories for people located in their general vicinity to read. Using your location, the app finds people near you and their posts about current local events and happenings. It is like being your own journalist, where you can create your own location-based blog. Microsoft expands on the app further:

Unleash the mobile journalist in you! Social News is a service designed to help you to create and share interesting stories. Report interesting local events or cool new things to your friends, people around you and beyond together with our professional media partners. There is so much happening locally! With the help of professional media we can together share some of these stories also nationwide via channels like TV and Radio. You’ve got the ball. With Social News you can create and publish your own articles, liven up your articles with content like photos and video, respond to news requests created by professional media partners, and get a chance to get your articles published by professional media.

Do not forget to download Social News (currently in Beta) in the link below.

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