Microsoft releases "slow" track for Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft releases "slow" track for windows 10 for phones

It's been almost a week since Microsoft released the technical preview for Windows 10 for phones for the Insiders to test and provide their valuable feedback about the performance, bugs and issues. The preview is available for free for users, give users the ability to test the preview version of the mobile operating system. For those of you who selected "Insider Slow" as the option, you had to wait for a few more days for the technical preview to arrive.

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul mentioned the technical preview for slow users was released on February 16th, but is it the same build? For phones, yes, it's the same build which was rolled out on February 12th for the Insiders Fast users. Insiders Slow users usually comes out late, and is often more stable than the build received by Fast users, and by that time, many bugs which are present are solved. But for now, it's the same build which was rolled out, that is, 9941.

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