Microsoft releases Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8, get your download here

Microsoft has released the Skype Preview app for Windows Phone 8, after it was announced during the Windows Phone 8 launch on October 29th. Skype for Windows Phone 8, which features a nice modern design just for Windows Phone, now comes with full video chat support. Grab it while its hot!

Microsoft releases Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8, get your download here - - November 12, 2012

"Skype for Windows Phone 8 isn't just about the design - we've built a completely new app from the ground up to be an important part of the Windows Phone experience," Microsoft stated in an official blog post. This app is similar to the one on Windows 8 because it allows users to receive chats and notifications for voice/video calls even if you are using another app or the phone is locked. Using a modern interface as well as limited battery drain, Skype also features a resizable live-tile on your homescreen. "Skype notifications can be added to the lock screen to appear alongside missed calls, unread emails and text messages, so there's no need to unlock your phone to check if you've missed a message or call in Skype," Microsoft adds. This Preview app is available in the Windows Phone Store right now but if for some reason you do not see it, don't worry, just check back again later. You can only download this app on Windows Phone 8. Hit the download link below to grab it and check out the hands-on video of the Skype Preview app, thanks to the guys over at WPCentral:

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