Microsoft releases Skydrive app for Android, we go hands on

Microsoft has just announced via the official Windows Blog that Skydrive is now available for Android. Let’s take a dive into the software and see just how useful the application is. Head past the break to take a look!

Skydrive is a Microsoft-provided service that hosts up to 25 gigabytes of your files in the web, at no cost to you. The service hasn’t been extremely popular, due to other competing services like Dropbox that have a farther reach and more native clients, but that might all be about to change. If you’ll remember from earlier this year, an official Skydrive app was launched on the iPhone, and now here it is on Android, and we’re here to review it.

The first thing you see when you sign in is this screen showing you all your folders. And right off the bat, we also notice how swanky the UI is. Microsoft has clearly been paying attention to and following the official Android design guidelines found here. From left to right, on the bottom action bar, there is a button that turns your document from a list to a grid, upload files (currently only photos and videos), add a new folder, refresh your content, and the overflow button, which has which leads to a settings menu. By clicking on a file, it will download to the Skydrive directory in your SD card and immediately open.

Although this have doesn’t have all the features of a Google Drive or a Dropbox, it’s a good start from Microsoft, and the UI is exactly what Android users have been waiting for. The application is free on the Play Store, right here.

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