Microsoft Releases Silverlight 5 Release Candidate

Microsoft today made available a release candidate of its Silverlight 5, which allows for creating and delivering rich internet applications and media experiences.

Pete Brown, who works for Microsoft’s Developer Guidance Community Team, stated in a blog post that Silverlight 5 RC will be available as a developer-only release, aimed at preparing developers for the final version which is expected to hit later this year. “This RC is a developer-only release (there is no go-live license), designed to get you read for the final release later this year. Use this release to update your SL5 beta code to work with the namespace and reference changes, and to use the new features,” Brown states.

So whats new in the release candidate? According to Brown, expect to see the same features from the beta, plus a few more goodies:

– P/Invoke support for calling native functions
– 64 bit support (yay!)
– Vector (Postscript) Printing
– Remote Control and Media Command Support
– DataContextChanged event
– In-Browser Trusted Applications
– PivotViewer Control
– Power awareness for media apps (keep the PC alive while a movie is playing, for example)

In addition, we made several changes to the locations of some of the XNA namespaces and files. For example, you’ll find that much of the 3d stuff has moved to a different DLL. We’ve also changed the Linked Text feature to use the read-only RichTextBlock rather than the editable RichTextBox. I’ve updated both posts and their downloadable source code to reflect the changes.

Silverlight is set to offer many new features such as improved media support, better UI capabilities, improved performance, fluid interface, reduced network latency, and much more. The final version of Silverlight 5 will be released later this year.

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