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At the Future of SharePoint event on May 4, 2016, Microsoft talked about the new improvements made to the user experience of SharePoint. Microsoft has made great strides since then, creating new and immersive experiences for core SharePoint capabilities, including document libraries, lists, and portals. Building on these improvements, Microsoft has made SharePoint Framework Developer Preview available in GitHub.

Building upon previous SharePoint improvements, Microsoft looks to provide a more responsive and a more productive user experience for web and mobile use. The SharePoint community has built significant custom solutions for the unique needs of each customer and to that end, Microsoft would like to help the SharePoint community a way to continue to build.

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SharePoint Workbench

Today is the first public developer preview of the SharePoint Framework. According to Microsoft, SharePoint Framework Developer Preview will get you started:

“With this initial release, you can start building client-side web parts using modern script development tools and the SharePoint Workbench (a new development test surface), and you can deploy your client-side web parts to classic web part pages in Office 365 Developer tenants. In addition to plain JavaScript projects, the SharePoint Framework works alongside common scripting frameworks, such as AngularJS, and we’re expanding our tools for these frameworks. For example, you can use React along with components from Office UI Fabric React to quickly create experiences based on the same components we are using in Office 365.”

Microsoft has early documentation for SharePoint Framework Developer Preview on GitHub, as well as an overview of the framework, a series of walkthroughs, and detailed information about the framework APIs. Microsft plans

Over the next year, Microsoft will work hard to expand support of the SharePoint Framework beyond Developer Preview to include the full set of Office 365 capabilities. Microsoft plans to make the SharePoint Framework available for SharePoint 2016 on-premises releases, tentatively set for sometime in 2017.

Microsoft believes that SharePoint Framework client-side web parts will work well for projects led by enterprise IT, where the code runs directly within SharePoint pages, allowing broad access to SharePoint data. SharePoint add-ins allow for a number of different uses, from support for permission and data access controls to Office Store distribution.

As always, Microsoft welcomes feedback on any of their products, and SharePoint Framework Developer Preview is no exception. You can provide feedback through the UserVoice, or provide more technical feedback via the SharePoint Stack Exchange.

Here’s more information on how to get started with SharePoint Framework Developer Preview.

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