Microsoft releases several hands-on developer labs for Windows 8

Microsoft has released numerous new hands-on labs for those looking to learn how to develop apps for the company’s upcoming next generation operating system, Windows 8. These labs contain the source code, documentation, and demonstrations on how to build for Windows 8.

For example, one of the labs teaches app developers how to build Metro Styled apps using javascript, while providing example templates:

“In this lab you will review the templates Visual Studio provides for building Metro style apps using JavaScript. The lab will explain the design rationale behind the templates and provide guidance on which template to use for a particular scenario. The lab also will demonstrate the implementation of the templates: a familiarization exercise will take the participants through the files included in a default template and explain how the template is structured. Once participants have gone through the background material, the lab will walk through common template usage scenarios such as adding a new page and supporting a shell contract.”

Check out the labs here, and happy developing!

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