Microsoft releases Remote Desktop app for Windows 8, optimized for tablet devices

Microsoft has made available the new Remote Desktop app for Windows 8, which has been optimized for tablet devices using the new app design principles. The Remote Desktop app is available in the Productivity section of the Windows Store. Go grab it now!

“As an underlying design principle, we optimized the Remote Desktop app for tablet devices. We have kept the UI simple to use, intuitive, and touch-friendly. The number of interactions required to make a connection were kept to a minimum, and many enhancements were made to keep the connection customization natural,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Not only has Microsoft released a new Remote Desktop app for Windows 8, but the Remote Desktop Connection client has also been updated and enhanced for Windows 8, as well as Windows Server 2012. The app follows the new Windows UI design principle and allows for minimal system resource usage as well as increased battery life when run on tablets or laptops. Here is the full feature-set:

  • Organize all your remote connections in one central location with the most recent connections and published resources displayed as touch-friendly tiles.
  • Customize settings for all remote connections at once or individually by using the new Edit feature.
  • Connect to multiple remote desktops at the same time and keep an eye on your sessions while you multi-task with the Windows 8 Snap feature.
  • Easily interact with applications in your remote session by using the Touch Keyboard, Touch Pointer, and Zoom features.
  • Automatically detect and optimize your connection quality with RemoteFX for WAN transport enhancements.
  • Access corporate resources published via RemoteApp and Desktop Connections with your corporate email address.
  • Enjoy a fast and fluid experience in your remote session by using RemoteFX technologies, including RemoteFX Multi-Touch, RemoteFX Media Streaming, Remote Desktop Easy Print, and more.

Head over to the Productivity section of the Windows Store to download the Remote Desktop app for Windows 8.

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