Microsoft releases PowerToys version 0.23 with more fixes

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft has released a new update for its PowerToys utilities for Windows 10, containing a bunch of fixes. PowerToys version 0.23 doesn’t add any new tools but contains some important fixes to make the existing ones more stable.

Moreover, the company noted that the new video conference tool, which was announced earlier this month, isn’t coming just yet. Microsoft plans to deliver it in PowerToys version 0.24. “This will be coming in about a week’s time. We need additional work done here to ship this out. It will be 0.24 Experimental and will be 0.23 + The video conference utility,” said Clint Rutkas, Program manager lead on PowerToys.

Here’s the full list of improvements and fixes in PowerToys version 0.23:


  • Localization pipeline is flowing from our Github to the loc system and back. 0.25 should be localized now.
  • The EXE installer should be at parity now with the MSI. Please go to the wiki for (installer args)[]


  • Fixed bug on not seeing a newly attached screen
  • Fixed spanning across monitors bug
  • Added in default layout for new users, a Priority Grid
  • Added keyboard support to grow / shrink to multiple zones
  • General bug fixes

PT Run

  • Multiple crash bugs fixed. Prioritized any users reported along with top hits from Watson reporting
    Stopped PT Run from interfering with an install
  • Fixed folder bug if it had a # in it (Thanks @jjw24 for the PR!)
  • Fixed a screen flicker for
  • General bug fixes

Keyboard manager

  • Multiple crash bugs fixed. Prioritized any users reported along with top hits from Watson reporting
  • Fixed multiple accessibility issues.
  • General bug fixes

Preview Pane

  • Added in Frontmatter and better (but still basic) latex support.


  • Fixed scaling issue for responsive design on Image Resizer
  • Fixed crash on empty color value.
  • Fixed crash for toggling FancyZones on/off
  • Fixed 0x00 NFTS crash for settings
  • Fixed multiple accessibility issues.
  • Layout adjustments (Thanks @niels9001)
  • General bug fixes

Dev related

  • FxCop is being rolled out across all PowerToys. This should catch a lot of possible leaks.
  • Unified PT Run’s log system
  • PT Run’s calc plugin now has unit tests (Thanks @P-Storm)
  • Dev setup install script now supports VS preview (Thanks @TobiasSekan)

With today’s release, Microsoft has also announced a new Gif/Video recording tool. It’s an upcoming project and the company plans to release it in a future build. “This is a future project who’s work will start after our stabilization efforts outlined in our roadmap,” said Rutkas

In the meantime, you can head over to the GitHub releases page to get the latest stability improvements.