Microsoft releases official File Manager app for Windows Phone 8.1

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File Manager

Microsoft has today released its official File Manager app for Windows Phone 8.1 devices. It was rumored during the development of Windows Phone 8.1 that Microsoft was planning to include a File Manager, but when Windows Phone 8.1 rolled around no such app was found. It was revealed later that the app was coming separately, and that it would launch soon. Well, today that app is available.

The File Manager, also known as Files in the Store, allows you to locally sort files on your Phone's storage, either on the internal drive or on an SD Card. The app is free and available right now via the Windows Phone Store, and you can send the app directly to your phone from the download link below.

As it's a File Manager, you can expect it to feature all the bells and whistles a file manager would support. You can move, rename, copy and past files along with creating folders and other handy features. Will you be downloading this app? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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