Microsoft releases Next Lock Screen app for Android, designed for busy professionals

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Microsoft releases Next Lock Screen app for Android, designed for busy professionals

Designed as a project by Microsoft Garage, a new Microsoft app has hit Google Play. The app is called ‘Next Lock Screen’ and aims to show you what’s next at a glance without having to unlock your Android phone.

“Next Lock Screen, a Microsoft Garage project, saves you time with quick app launch and access to the information you need. It’s a time saver lock screen built for busy professionals. See your calendar, missed calls and text messages all at a glance. Connect to a conference call in a single tap without unlocking your phone. Next Lock Screen even surfaces the apps you use most based on your location,” the app description reads.

Here are the key features of the app:

  • Calendar: quick glance at your day and scroll through upcoming meetings and their location to plan your day at a glance.
  • One swipe to dial: Next Lock Screen dials you in a conference call, enters the PIN and gets you talking without effort. 
  • Quick app launch: Whether on the go, at home or at work, Next Lock Screen shows your most used apps based on your location and your apps are right there for quick access.
  • Make it yours: Make your lock screen background dynamic throughout the day by having the background change depending of your location.

So what content gets display on your lock screen with this app? Meetings, missed calls, and unread SMS will be displayed on your lock screen. You can recommend other items to be displayed on the lock screen by leaving Microsoft feedback within the app.

You can choose to hide certain calendars, hide certain apps, hide SMS content, and even dismiss any information on the lock screen simply by swiping it away. If you accidentally dismiss something, you can undo it too! Currently, the app only support displaying meeting information that is configured as a System Account through the System Settings. Give Microsoft your feedback if you use a 3rd party app to manage your calendar so they can support it!

Grab the free app via the download link below.

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