Microsoft releases new Windows 10 Insider Skip Ahead build 17634

Kip Kniskern

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Let’s call it the Terry Myerson Memorial build… in the wake of some pretty earth shattering news if you’re a Microsoft watcher, there’s a new Skip Ahead build, version 17634. This new build brings with it a couple of significant changes, including the addition of search to the Windows 10 Calendar, and voice queries for Cortana Show Me. Let’s dive right in:

Looking for past or future events in your calendar? Now you can easily find them with the newly added search capabilities:

Events that match your search will be clearly visible on your calendar, while those that don’t will be greyed-out so you can find what you need quickly.

Find past or future events by searching for the name, location, people included or words in the event body in Calendar for Windows 10.

Search will work for Outlook, Hotmail, Live and Office 365 accounts. We do not yet support searching Exchange Server, Gmail, Yahoo or other IMAP calendars.

Next up are some additions for the newly introduced Cortana Show Me, a new app for Windows 10 that can show you around those sometimes hard to find Windows settings. Cortana Show Me is available from the Microsoft Store if you haven’t downloaded it already. What’s new in this build is that Show Me now works with voice queries, you can ask Cortana to help you out:

Update Windows – Try, “Update my Windows device”
Check if an app is installed – Try, “How to see what apps are installed”
Uninstall an app – Try “How to uninstall apps”
Change your desktop background – Try, “Show me how to change my background”
Use Airplane Mode – Try, “How do I turn on airplane mode”
Change your display brightness – Try, “Show me how to change my screen brightness”
Add nearby printers or scanners – Try, “How to add a printer”
Turn off Windows Defender Security Center – Try, “Show me how to turn off Windows Defender Security Center”
Change Wi-Fi settings – Try, “Show me how to change Wi-Fi network”
Change your power settings – Try, “How to change when my computer goes to sleep”
Discover Bluetooth devices – Try, “Show me how to discover devices”
Check your version of Windows – Try, “How do I find my current version of Windows”

The Windows Insider team reminds you to share Cortana Show Me with friends and family, that’s who the app is really geared for.

There are some changes and known issues in this build, we’ll have the details up soon.