Microsoft releases a new video to help explain Windows 10

Windows 10

It is finally here; after months of waiting, Windows 10 Eve has arrived. Tomorrow morning, every good Windows fan will be rushing downstairs at the crack of dawn, eager to see what good old Father Nadella left in their digital stockings. This much is a given, Windows 10 seeing wider adoption among the public is not.

Like everything new, the software needs a little more explaining to those not involved in the tech sphere, and to this end Microsoft has released a new video, intended to walk new users through some of the nice new features present in its flagship software product.

Given the pastel colors and the soothing tone of voice used, it is clear that Microsoft wanted the whole set-up to be as unthreatening as possible. Throughout the video, features such as Snap Assist, the revamped traditional Start Menu and the improved multi-tasking are highlighted. Windows 7 is mentioned a great deal as the inspiration, with there only being one cursory remark regarding Windows 8. More than anything else, the notion of user-feedback bleeds through.

Take for example, the ability to “Alt+ Tab” through different applications. According to Microsoft, only 6% of users ever made use of this feature, regardless of how useful it can prove to be. Following the introduction of a revamped implementation in Windows 10, apparently over 50% of Windows Insiders now make regular use of the feature.

With Windows 10 now a matter of hours away, this is truly crunch time for Microsoft. Even though it has made the upgrade to Windows 10 free for users of Windows 7 and 8, given the general reluctance to upgrade among the general population, it will likely take a great deal of time before adoption truly becomes widespread.

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