Microsoft releases new update for Surface RT during Patch Tuesday, fixes WiFi reliability issues

In an official post on Microsoft’s Community support site, the company revealed details on the new update available for the Surface RT. This December Patch Tuesday update addresses WiFi reliability issues, including performance improvements and improved connectivity. If you haven’t already received this update, check Windows Update now!

“The December update, which will be available later today, includes a few improvements for Surface with Windows RT. This update provides increased Surface Wi-Fi reliability, improved connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements,” Microsoft stated in an official forum post. This update addresses issues where Surface RT users will receive “Limited” WiFi connectivity. The update also adds support for Access Point names (SSID’s) such as “Eric’s Phone_1” including non-standard-ASCII special characters such as: ñ, ö, ü, á, é. If you haven’t already received this update, head over to Windows Update to grab this.

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