Microsoft’s new tool to see how employees are using Lync

Joseph Finney

Microsoft releases a new tool to see how employees are using Lync

Microsoft has released a new tool to help IT staff better understand their company; the software will generate a Lync Online client devices report and give a read out of what different devices employees use when connecting with Lync. This data will be made up of Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, and iPad usage. This ability can enable IT departments to make better decisions and more effectively manage their systems.

At any company, it is important that the IT staff understand how the company operates. In the past companies would dictate the devices which their employees could use for work, but today people are bringing their own devices into work and expect to be able to use them. Unfortunately this makes the job of the IT department very difficult when they need to make upgrades or buy new software or hardware, while ensuring compatibility. Understanding which devices employees are using with Lync would help paint a clear picture of their total IT picture.

Using this tool is easy and simple; data can be viewed directly or exported to Excel. There is a Powershell Cmdlet which can be ran automatically to generate the data. The software also allows access to Lync device usage in the Office 365 admin center. Either way, the data of the Lync Online client devices report can be used by the IT department to refine and improve their company’s IT.