Microsoft releases low level driver update for Surface Pro, improves SSD performance during boot

Surface Pro

For those who own a Surface Pro, you may have noticed a new update available via Windows Update. The update is simply a low level driver update for the Surface Pro which improves SSD performance during boot.

The update is dated 03/28/13 and is for the Surface Pro. Microsoft did not offer specifics on why this update was needed except that it offered improved SSD performance during boot.

Since the launch of the Surface RT back in October of 2012 and the launch of the Surface Pro in February of 2013, Microsoft has been releasing monthly firmware updates as well as app updates to offer a better customer experience. Microsoft even promised continued support for both devices, so it is great to see this update from Microsoft.

If you have yet to install this update, head over to PC Settings, tap or touch Settings, then tap or touch Change PC Settings, then under PC settings, tap or select Windows Update. Did you notice any performance improvements after installing this update?

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